When is the Best Time of Year for Plastic Surgery?


Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D. | New York NY

There are many different factors to consider when contemplating cosmetic surgery. One such question is what time of year is the best for undergoing different types of improvements such as facelifts or liposuction. Dr. Scot Glasberg is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon based out of New York City. Awarded Top Doctor and one of America’s Best Physicians, he strives to provide his clients with high-quality care. Alongside his shared expertise, this article strives to inform you about the advantages and prep time involved with his recommended time of the year for surgery.

Dr. Glasberg and his staff suggest that the best time to undergo nearly any type of cosmetic surgery is during the winter season. This generally ranges from December through March. Although most might think that summer is a more beneficial time, his team of experts stand by winter as their most advantageous surgery season. It is important to plan your surgery according to the time of year as this may offer you different advantages than a contrasting season, give you the appropriate time for recovery and do what many call “Prep and Deceive”. This is when you can come up with a believable reason or alibi for those you’d prefer not to tell, thus prepping your story and deceiving your audience.

There are a number of reasons as to why winter is an ideal time of year for cosmetic surgery. In fact, nearly any type of surgery involving cosmetics can take place during this season. One such reason for choosing winter is that cold weather accompanies it. With cooler temperatures, you are able to wear bulkier items and conceal any changes that have been made to your body. For instance, if you have a facelift, a thick sweater will do the trick. Wearing a bulky sweater will help conceal any changes made from breast reductions or liposuctions. Winter also offers a great deal of needed recovery through holidays. With the added vacation time, you can give your body ample rest to return back to normal as there may be swelling and bruising following surgery. Besides, who doesn’t want to treat themselves to a cosmetic makeover for the holidays? Let us highlight the advantages of undergoing surgery in the winter.


  • Seasonal winter clothing to help hide new changes to your body.
  • Holidays such as Christmas and New Years for recovery time.
  • Holidays that coincide with a long weekend such as Martin Luther King and President’s Day for added rest.
  • Slow down in business so that you don’t need to work harder when your body has just undergone drastic changes.
  • Less direct sunlight in the winter to aid in recovery.
  • A holiday gift from yourself!

Prepping and Deceiving

  1. For any surgery involving the face, change your hairstyle and possibly hair color to deflect attention from your suddenly different facial features.
  2. For surgeries that focus on eradicating excess weight such as liposuction, tummy-tuck, and facelifts, it is important to maintain a steady workout regimen in combination with a healthy diet in preparation for the upcoming surgery.

Recommended Surgery

Cosmetic surgery should be planned ahead of time, taking into account variables such as budget, recovery time and the time of year. Deciding to have your surgery done in the winter may be beneficial for a variety of reasons including time off of work for the holidays. Dr. Scot Glasberg and his team of professionals are more than happy to answer any other questions you might have about cosmetic surgery in the vicinity of New York City. Remember to always do what is best for you and your body.

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