Mommy makeovers are becoming increasingly popular amongst women who have recently become mothers. A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic treatments designed to help women regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and restore their self-confidence. These treatments often include procedures like tummy tucks, breast augmentation, liposuction, and more. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why mommy makeovers have become so popular and explore the potential benefits they offer.

A Mommy Makeover Can Address Multiple Concerns At Once

If you are looking to improve your body shape and address multiple cosmetic issues, a mommy makeover is a way to go. This treatment is designed to restore your pre-pregnancy body by targeting several areas of concern in one procedure. Dr. Glasberg, NYC Plastic Surgeon, can customize the procedure to best meet your individual needs and goals. During the consultation, he will evaluate your concerns and develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Depending on the extent of work desired, a mommy makeover can include breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, or a combination of these procedures. Each of these procedures targets different areas of the body and addresses different aesthetic concerns, so you can get the comprehensive results you are looking for with a single mommy makeover.

It Can Be Customized To Each Individual

Mommy makeovers are a popular choice for women wanting to improve their appearance after childbirth. The procedure is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals, making it an ideal choice for those who want to look and feel their best. Dr. Glasberg, NYC Plastic Surgeon, is able to customize a mommy makeover treatment plan to meet the specific needs and desires of each patient. Depending on the individual’s goals, the plan may involve one or more surgeries such as breast augmentation or reduction, liposuction, a tummy tuck, or a combination of treatments. Each mommy makeover is tailored to the unique needs of each patient to achieve the desired results.

It Can Be Done In One Surgery

Mommy makeovers can be done in one surgery, and many women find this a convenient and cost-effective way to address multiple concerns at once. This approach allows patients to save time and money, while still achieving their desired results. At Dr. Glasberg’s NYC Plastic Surgery practice, patients can undergo their mommy makeover in one visit. During the procedure, Dr. Glasberg will customize the surgery to each patient’s individual needs. This approach can provide excellent long-term results with minimal downtime. Patients can return to their life quickly, with little to no scarring.

The Results Are Long-Lasting

The results of a mommy makeover can be enjoyed for many years, depending on the individual patient’s lifestyle and age. Dr. Glasberg will discuss with you the expected outcome, including the longevity of your results. Depending on the procedure you choose, you can expect to see the results for years to come. For example, a tummy tuck can provide lasting, permanent results due to the removal of excess skin and fat as well as the tightening of the abdominal muscles. Breast augmentation results may also last for years, although it is recommended to discuss any concerns about the longevity of your desired outcome with your plastic surgeon. Additionally, a facelift can provide years of younger-looking skin, while a liposuction procedure can remove fat cells permanently and help you maintain your new look. The key is to take good care of yourself by following your plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions and engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

You Can Get Back To Your Life Quickly

Mommy makeovers are designed to be as minimally invasive as possible, allowing you to get back to your life quickly. Depending on the scope of your procedure, you may be able to return to work and regular activities within days or weeks.

If you have children at home, you’ll appreciate being able to return to caring for them quickly after a mommy makeover. With a single surgery, you can address multiple issues that are holding you back from enjoying your life fully. And if you’ve been dealing with low self-esteem due to the physical changes caused by pregnancy, a mommy makeover can help you regain your confidence.

Because of the minimally invasive nature of mommy makeovers, recovery time is usually minimal. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions for what to expect after your surgery and how to care for yourself while you recover. Following these instructions will help ensure you can get back to your regular activities as soon as possible.

Ultimately, a mommy makeover gives you the opportunity to get back to your life quickly without having to take a lot of time off for recovery. The procedure can be tailored to each individual, meaning it can fit into even the busiest of schedules. If you’re looking for a way to restore your body and improve your confidence, a mommy makeover is a great option.

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Before deciding on a mommy makeover, it is important to consult with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will help you understand the procedures and make sure you are an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover. They will discuss your health history, goals, and expected results.

You should also ask questions such as what are the risks involved and what type of recovery time is needed. It is also important to get an idea of the cost and financing options that are available.

Your consultation should also include discussions about what type of techniques will be used and how long the results are expected to last. Your surgeon should also be able to provide you with before and after photos so you can get a better idea of the kind of results you can expect.

It is important to take your time with the consultation process and make sure you are fully informed before making any decisions. Having realistic expectations and understanding the potential risks is also critical in order to make sure you get the most out of your mommy makeover.

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Motherhood is an incredibly challenging and transformational experience. Unfortunately, keeping up with the differences your body undergoes during pregnancy and after childbirth can be difficult. For some women, the alterations in their physical appearance after giving birth are far more drastic than what they had expected.

A woman’s body undergoes many unwanted changes after childbirth, which can make her feel unattractive, out of shape, and self-conscious. What’s more, women’s bodies can shift in appearance for months due to the hormones released after birth.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reverse these undesirable effects. If lifestyle modifications in diet and regular exercise achieve no noticeable results, another option is to get a “mommy makeover.”

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a cosmetic treatment that improves a woman’s overall appearance after giving birth. For instance, surgery may be performed to remove excess skin, fat, and stretch marks to restore her figure.

After giving birth, more and more mothers are turning to cosmetic surgery to help them feel more like themselves again. Because many new mothers experience flabby skin and loose muscle tone after giving birth, these procedures boost their self-confidence. A tummy tuck, for instance, will flatten, firm and tone their abdomen so that they can fit back into tighter fitting clothes again.

Mommy makeovers are customized because no two women experience pregnancy and childbirth the same way. This procedure can address both pre-existing issues and issues related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Women can decide on a wide variety of surgical options to address changes in their bodies after pregnancy, including breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, buttock augmentation, and vaginal rejuvenation.

In general, recovery time for most operations ranges from one to four weeks, after which patients can return to work.

The Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

The cost of surgery is reduced because a makeover combines several surgeries. You can, for example, decide to improve the shape and tone of your belly and breasts as part of a mommy makeover.

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, will remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. This is an effective way to recuperate from some of the muscle tissue damage caused during pregnancy or childbirth.

Another popular option women elect to have is breast rejuvenation. Breast shape and size can be changed through breast augmentation, lift, or reduction surgery.

Besides restoring a woman’s body back to her pre-pregnancy years, this surgery also helps restore her self-confidence.

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Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in New York City who specializes in mommy makeovers. You can achieve your goals with a variety of surgical options to suit your needs and budget. He can help you regain your pre-pregnancy body with a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, or any other type of cosmetic surgery you need. Visit his website to find out more about mommy makeovers or call 212.717.8550 to schedule a consultation. His office is located at 42A East 74th Street in New York, NY 10021.

Getting the body of your dreams is something that many individuals aspire to achieve no matter the age, race or creed. Feeling comfortable in the skin that you’re in will certainly have anyone oozing with confidence. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals in society today have less-than-perfect physiques. There are many ways to get a body that’s functional while turning heads in the process. Of course, eating healthy and working out are high on the menu, but there are other ways to get a better body in a fraction of the time.


A tried-and-true way of slimming down in a fraction of the time is via liposuction. Incisions are made within your skin in which a surgical tube is used to suck out unwanted fat cells. Liposuction is very popular and has been used for years to reconfigure certain areas of the body such as the stomach, lower back, and upper thighs. Downtime can be up to six weeks and is required since this procedure is considered to be an invasive treatment that can leave bruising and soreness. Since the 1980s, liposuction has been used to produce slimmer, more-tones bodies. When comparing liposuction with other noninvasive treatments, patients can expect higher costs. Many of your favorite celebrities have gone down the lip route on multiple occasions throughout the years.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is another fine treatment that’s used to produce a slimmer physique. Body contouring just so happens to be a non-invasive treatment that’s considered to be more efficient since patients can expect less downtime and lower expenses. This alternative procedure can use either heat or cold to melt the fat away in a since. Unlike its popular counterpart, body contouring takes away the risks of obtaining blood clots as well as other health complications. People who have good skin elasticity and are of ideal body weight are perfect candidates. Individuals who are trying to reduce fat in smaller areas and trouble spots are also ideal candidates. There are many different names and types that will fall underneath this particular category of medical aesthetics.

CoolSculpting is non-invasive and is used to freeze fat cells in which the body naturally removes as waste. Another form of body contouring is Thermage CPT in which pulse technology is used to tighten the skin. VenusFreeze can be used for facial contouring, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

In the end, your personal health condition can play a major role in which medical-aesthetic treatment is right for you. If your health is fairly stable across the board, then you’ll definitely have many more options to contend with via invasive or non-invasive surgery.

Dr. Glasberg and his team are committed to providing you with the best possible results and look forward to scheduling your consultation and answering any questions you may have. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 212-717-8550 or use our easy online form

Beautiful woman with winter background

With the holidays quickly approaching and all the time you spend making sure that it goes well,   Dr. Scot Glasberg, board-certified plastic surgeon, wants you to take time to think of yourself and your needs. While it’s the busiest time of the year for most people, with long holiday vacations and time off from work, it is also one of the best times to have a surgical or non-surgical plastic surgery procedure. The extended vacation time, especially during the cooler winter weather, will mean you will spend more time indoors, giving you time to focus on the healing you need during your recovery period. Another side benefit is that while you stay indoors you will avoid direct contact with the sun, avoiding the damage that UVA and UVB rays can cause to incision sites.

Some of the most common plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Glasberg performs during the winter season include:

Dr. Scot Glasberg knows you want to look your best and now is the perfect time to get ready for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. He knows that the first step in deciding to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure includes making sure that your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Glasberg and his team are committed to providing you with the best possible results and look forward to scheduling your consultation and answer any questions you may have. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (212) 717-8550.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Ribbon

Dr. Scot Glasberg wants to remind all women that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which gives us an opportunity to recognize the importance of detecting breast cancer early. It is an annual campaign that is intended to educate men and women about early screening, testing and more. 

Other than some forms of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. About 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s not as common in men but less than 1% of men have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Symptoms of breast cancer can vary but the most common symptoms can include:

If found early, most women can beat breast cancer. Screenings, such as a mammogram, ultrasound of the breast, or MRI can help detect breast cancer early – when it’s easier to treat. 

For those women who have had surgery as part of their treatment for breast cancer, some may choose to have reconstructive breast surgery to restore and rebuild the shape and look of their breasts. There are several different types of breast reconstruction procedures available yet the timing of the procedure will depend on a few factors, such as a physical examination by Dr. Glasberg, the risk factors that may be involved, and the post-cancer surgery treatments you may still need to undergo.

There are many types of breast reconstruction procedures but two of the most common procedures available include either using breast implants, silicone or saline-based or using your body tissue, known as a tissue flap procedure. Sometimes a combination of a breast implant and a tissue flap procedure are used to reconstruct your breast.

For women who have had a more conservative breast cancer surgery, such as a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy, procedures such as fat grafting or a smaller breast implant may be performed to reconstruct the breast.

In addition to your breast reconstruction, Dr. Glasberg can add a nipple, change the shape and size of the breast that is being reconstructed, and adjust the shape of your opposite breast to match the symmetry of your reconstructed breast. 

While these options are available to you post-cancer surgery, please use this Breast Cancer Awareness Month to schedule your mammogram and a follow-up breast examination so that if it is cancer, your outcome will be a positive one.

For more information about breast reconstruction, please contact our office.

Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D. | New York NY | Mommy Makeover
The journey into motherhood can be a wonderful and exciting time. The joy of bringing a child into the world is an experience similar to none other. While motherhood is amazing, the damage motherhood does to your body is not quite as amazing. No matter how hard you work in the gym, or how strict you are with your diet, it may feel as though you can never get your pre-baby body back. Pregnancy can lead to a lot of unexpected and undesirable changes to your body. The “Mommy Makeover” is a great way to see your pre-baby body once again.

Many people have heard of the “Mommy Makeover”, but may be unsure about what the procedure involves. These procedures typically involve the work of a plastic surgeon and are unique to the particular concerns of the client. No two “Mommy Makeovers” are the same because no two women have the exact same concerns regarding their post-baby body. These procedures are completely customized to your areas of concern. A few common areas of concern, for most patients, are the breasts, tummy, waist, and buttocks. Depending on the procedures involved, patients may be able to have more than one treatment in one surgical setting. Having multiple procedures performed at once often improves recovery time and gets your back to your ideal body even quicker!

Some clients may begin to wonder if they are good candidates for the “Mommy Makeover”. Luckily, many of the clients that come into the office are excellent candidates for the makeover. As long as you are content with your current weight and are in generally good health, you are more than likely a candidate for the procedure. The surgeon will probably want to take a closer look at your medical record to make sure that you don’t have any possible risk factors that can impact the surgery or your recovery. One of the best parts about the “Mommy Makeover” is that it is completely customized to your body and concerns. If you are unable to have a certain procedure due to health concerns, your doctor will work with you to find the best procedure that meets your needs. There’s almost always a solution to any problem you might have.

Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D. | New York NY | Mommy Makeover

While most patients that come in for a consultation are eligible for the “Mommy Makeover”, patients that are currently breastfeeding and patients that are planning to have more children are advised to wait to have the procedure. Mothers that are breastfeeding are advised to wait three to six months after weaning their baby, before having the procedure. Many women are concerned about the size and shape of their breasts after having a baby. By waiting for three to six months after weaning, the size and shape of the breasts can stabilize. After the size and shape of the breast stabilize, the surgeon can make better recommendations for the procedure that will give you the best results. If you plan to have another baby, it is best to wait until after you are done having children to consider the procedure. Your body changes considerably after pregnancy and delivery. The results from your “Mommy Makeover” may be diminished after having another child.

The path to a “Mommy Makeover” begins by making an appointment for a consultation with your plastic surgeon. At your consultation, make sure to share your body goals and express your unique areas of concern. If you feel inclined to do so, you can also bring in pictures of yourself before having the baby. The more information you provide your surgeon the better they can understand what you are looking for with this procedure. During the consultation, the surgeon may ask you about your past medical history, and take a closer look at your body. After taking a full look at your body, and hearing about your areas of concern, the surgeon can proceed to discuss treatment options and plans of action that will get your body in perfect shape.

Recovery time is always a major concern when having any type of procedure, especially for a busy mom. Your recovery time can vary greatly from another mom, depending on the procedures that were done. Make sure to speak to your physician during the consultation about what to expect and the length of your recovery. In general, you are likely to experience bruising, swelling, and tenderness in the areas that the surgery was performed. These symptoms should fade over time and pain can be treated with medication. Women normally go back to work within a week to two weeks after surgery, but you may have restrictions when it comes to strenuous activity. The most important part of recovery is allowing your body time to heal, to ensure that you experience maximum results.

Results from the “Mommy Makeover” can usually be seen right after the procedure. As you begin to recover you will probably begin to notice more drastic results. The full results of the “Mommy Makeover” typically aren’t seen for around six months after the procedure. Each day you should see more and more improvements as the swelling begins to go down. Your new post-baby body is not too far away.

Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D. | New York NY | Mommy Makeover

The “Mommy Makeover” is the perfect way to take care of yourself and make sure that you are happy with what you see in the mirror. The joy of having a new baby, should not be lessened by the feelings you have towards your post-baby body. Your body has given so much to create this little bundle of joy, make sure to treat it right and have it look as good as possible. There is no reason why should not feel as happy as you can with your body after a baby, you deserve it. To learn more about the “Mommy Makeover” make sure that you visit Dr. Glasberg is a top NYC plastic surgeon that specializes in the “Mommy Makeover” As a new mom, you hardly ever have time to really take time and pamper yourself, check out the website today!

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