Aging/Dark Spot Removal

close up photo of female face
Age spots are flat brown spots on the skin that have darkened in color after exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light. They are commonly seen in people over the age of 40 on areas of the skin that are frequently exposed to sunlight, such as the hands, shoulders, forearms, face and forehead. Although usually harmless, many people are bothered by the appearance of these spots and seek treatment to have them removed.

Laser treatment is the most effective treatment for age spots and other pigment irregularities on the skin, as it produces significant improvement in the appearance of the skin through a safe, minimally invasive procedure. During this procedure, focused beams of laser energy are delivered to the targeted area to remove the affected layers of skin and leave the skin looking younger and clearer.

After treatment, patients may experience redness and swelling for a few days, although these side effects usually go away on their own. Patients can return to work and other normal activities as soon as they choose.

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