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Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D. | New York NY
If you ask women to name the “problem areas” of their bodies, the upper thighs may be at the top of the list for many. Even fit people – especially those who have achieved major weight loss goals – can suffer from loose skin, excess fat deposits or a flabby, sagging appearance in the thighs. The effects of weight changes and aging can take a significant toll on the appearance of the thighs. In some cases, excess skin can also be a significant concern. Because of these concerns about the appearance of their thighs, many women refrain from wearing swimsuits, short skirts or shorts.

However, it is possible to change the appearance of your thighs and eliminate that unwanted loose skin. Dr. Glasberg is a Manhattan plastic surgeon who can perform a thigh lift, a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and stubborn fat deposits from both the outer and inner thighs. Dr. Glasberg has an extensive record of beautiful, natural results. People who have achieved weight loss goals or who are simply seeing the signs of aging can find relief from stubborn fat and loose skin. In addition, Dr. Glasberg can perform a thigh lift together with liposuction for effective contouring and toning.

Your Thigh Lift Consultation

If you are thinking about a thigh lift, visit Dr. Glasberg for an in-depth consultation at his NYC plastic surgery office. Dr. Glasberg will develop a plan for your procedure based on an in-depth understanding of your feelings about your body and the aesthetic vision that you wish to achieve. As a thigh lift specialist, he will make specific recommendations for the optimum results for your body.

By examining the size, shape and appearance of your thighs, including the extent of excess skin or fatty deposits, he can make recommendations about the type of procedure that can achieve beautiful, natural-looking, toned results.

Dr. Glasberg will present realistic outcomes, using your own photographs as well as computer imaging, that can help you to understand the final appearance of your thighs after the procedure. He will answer any questions that you have as well as reviewing the procedure itself, any risks and the recovery period.

Thigh Lift Candidates

People who want their thighs to be more proportional to the rest of their body or who are struggling with loose skin in the thigh area may find excellent results with a thigh lift procedure. This is an excellent choice for people who have gone through major weight loss but continue to have loose skin or a flabby appearance in the thighs. Even when clothing fits well elsewhere on the body, this loose skin can keep people from wearing clothes in their size or body-conscious items.

In addition, people who have seen their thigh skin become loose over time can also opt for a thigh lift to minimize the visible signs of aging. Of course, a thigh lift is not a substitute for diet or exercise, so it is best suited for people who have already achieved their weight loss goals. If people gain or lose weight after the surgery is completed, the results will be affected; therefore, people on a weight loss journey can opt for a thigh lift after they are satisfied with their weight.

A thigh lift can help people to feel more body confidence and pride, returning to wearing the items that showcase their bodies. Non-smokers are the ideal candidates for a thigh lift, because smoking can interfere with the body’s natural healing ability. When you visit Dr. Glasberg for a thigh lift consultation, he will review your medical history, body type and desired changes in order to make the best recommendations for you and your body.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

There are two major types of thigh lift plastic surgery procedures, the medial thigh lift and the lateral thigh lift. Depending on your unique needs, Dr. Glasberg will recommend the procedure that is best suited for you.

Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D. | New York NY

A medial thigh lift is designed to tone and smooth the inner thighs. In this procedure, Dr. Glasberg will make an incision near the groin area in order to remove loose skin, excess fat deposits and tighten the appearance of the thighs in the inner thigh region. For additional fat reduction, this procedure can also be combined with liposuction to further contour the appearance of your inner thighs. Following the removal of unwanted skin and fat, Dr. Glasberg will recontour the thigh from the groin area to the knee, resulting in a taut, more toned appearance.

On the other hand, a lateral thigh lift targets the outer thighs and is a more complex procedure. Dr. Glasberg would make incisions around the hips. Depending on the extent of the procedure, he may also make an incision in the fold of the buttocks. A lateral thigh lift allows Dr. Glasberg to remove additional tissue, recontouring the look and shape of the buttocks along with the outer area of the thighs. In many cases, a lateral thigh lift is recommended for people who have had extensive weight loss and now are uncomfortable with excess, loose skin.

In either case, deeply placed sutures will be used in order to support and shape the new contours of your thighs. When closing the incisions, Dr. Glasberg may use sutures, adhesive tapes or clips, depending on your individual needs. Dr. Glasberg will place the incisions in order to provide the optimum chance for excellent healing and to make scarring less visible. As an experienced NYC plastic surgeon, he has achieved exceptional results for many patients thrilled with the results of their thigh lifts.

Recovery Following Your Thigh Lift

As soon as the procedure has been completed, you will instantly see the new, slender and toned contours of your thighs. However, in the period immediately following your surgery, you are likely to experience soreness, swelling and bruising in the area. Dr. Glasberg and his team will provide step-by-step instructions to help ensure the best results for your procedure throughout the recovery period.

During the first one to two weeks after the thigh lift, you should stick to light movement and be careful while walking, sitting or bending. Common movements can add stress to the incisions and sutures, so it is best to avoid extra pressure. While you can return to work during this period, heavy lifting or physical labor should be avoided until your healing is complete. You can wear a compression garment for the first month after the thigh lift in order to support and enhance the results of your surgery. After two to three weeks, you can drive again and walk for exercise rather than only for necessities. You can expect that your swelling will begin to subside around the same time. In order to protect the results of your surgery, do not lift heavy objects or run until two months after your thigh lift.

A thigh lift is a procedure that can make a major, permanent difference in the shape and appearance of your body. If you maintain your current weight, you can expect the results of your thigh lift to stay in place and offer long-term slender contours and support.

Make an Appointment for a Thigh Lift Consultation

As an NYC plastic surgeon with extensive experience with thigh lifts, Dr. Glasberg provides private consultations and performs procedures each day for patients in his Manhattan office. His clients travel to him from across the country and around the world. We invite you to phone our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Glasberg about the results you could achieve with a thigh lift.

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