What are the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?


You can reduce the size of your breasts through breast reduction surgery, a procedure that removes extra breast tissue and skin. 

You’ll receive two primary benefits. First, it will improve your appearance, which will not only remove any feeling of self-consciousness but also raise your self-esteem. Second, you’ll eliminate health problems caused by the size and weight of your breasts. 

How Breast Reduction Improves Appearance

You’ll feel more self-confident and less self-conscious after this surgery, and you won’t feel embarrassed wearing certain clothes or wearing a bikini.

You might decide to have a breast reduction for cosmetic reasons because:

* Your breasts are too large for your small bone structure.

* Your breasts are asymmetrical.

* Your breasts are sagging.

* Your breasts cause your shoulders to noticeably droop.

* Your breasts are low on your chest rather than closer to your collarbone.

After breast reduction surgery, you’ll feel more confident about your body and have a better quality of life. This safe, effective, and popular procedure will give you a greater sense of freedom, self-esteem, and a better quality of life.

How Breast Reduction Fixes Medical Issues

You’ll feel better after this surgery. Many chronic medical issues will simply go away.

You might decide to have a breast reduction for medical reasons because:

* You suffer from chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain.

* You have breathing difficulties that make it hard to sleep at night.

* You have rashes under your breasts. 

Surgery for breast reduction can also lower your risk of certain types of breast cancer because the fat in your breasts can cause cysts, lumps, poor blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage problems.

How Breast Reduction Surgery Works

When discussing your surgery with you, your board-certified plastic surgeon will consider your skin type, thickness, and elasticity. They will also carefully listen to your reasons for wanting the procedure. 

You can choose different types of breast reduction surgery, like liposuction, which removes fat, or mastopexy, which lifts and tightens the breasts. Most women get mastopexy done to shrink their breasts, lift them, and tighten their skin.

Your breast reduction surgery with or without a breast lift takes two to three hours under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will perform the procedure under general anesthesia in an accredited hospital or surgical center. 

Post-op Care and Rehabilitation

Your recovery after surgery will include:

* A full recovery from sedation and anesthesia, which can take days or weeks. 

* A period of gradual and slow convalescence. 

* A physical therapy program, which can last weeks or months depending on the type of surgery and severity of the injury.

* A psychological journey of recovery, which is often long and difficult but that will also lead to better mental health.

You can regain your confidence and freedom after breast reduction surgery. Besides making you look better, making your breasts smaller and lighter, and more proportionate to your body, this procedure can also correct many long-standing health problems.

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