If you have an upcoming plastic surgery procedure, you may be experiencing a combination of anxiety, stress and excitement. Don’t worry; these are all normal before a surgery. However, if you are not sure whether or not you are ready to proceed with your cosmetic procedure, these signs can help calm your nerves.

Reputable Surgeon

The first sign to knowing that you are ready to get your dream procedure done is that you trust your surgeon and the clinic in which he works. This means that you have already met the team, toured the facility and have had in depth conversations with your surgeon beforehand. Taking these steps is critical for finding the right professionals for your personal needs. Take your time when it comes to choosing a surgeon to make sure you find someone who you trust fully and who is on the same page with your desired outcome. Board certification is another thing you should look out for. It is a certification process that puts a plastic surgeon’s knowledge to the test in order to help consumers make the best choice possible. Surgeons with this accreditation are reputable and capable of completing your surgery in a timely and professional manner with minimal complications. Having a board certified and past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons can make you feel confident you chose the best plastic surgeon in the Manhattan area possible.

Well Balanced Expectations

Many people get carried away when it comes to their expectations for their surgery. Some may even have unreasonable goals for how they want their face and body to look afterwards. Unfortunately, doing this can set you up for disappointment. This is why it is critical to know exactly what you are getting into, how it is going to turn out and what to expect well before making the decision to go in for a surgery. For example, some women may desire a breast size that is larger than what their surgeon recommends and go through with it only to get a reduction later. Others may insist on an overly plump lip look that throws off the rest of their facial symmetry. Remember, plastic surgeons are like artists in many ways. They understand symmetry, facial and body structure and are available to help you achieve the most natural looking enhancements possible based on your face and body type.

Another problem is that some people do not see themselves for what they are, but rather how they want to be. This can make it challenging for them to accept the limitations of plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures are designed to correct problem areas such as a crooked nose, unsymmetrical or deflated breasts and other issues that may hold you back from feeling your best and living your life fully. However, seeing yourself from an outsiders perspective can be challenging, but is well worth it to get an accurate view of your current self. Doing this will help you maintain attainable expectations for your surgery outcome.

Comprehensive Research

Doing your research is truly the key to a successful surgery and can ultimately demonstrate that you are ready for your procedure. Comprehensive research consists of comparing your local NYC or Manhattan based plastic surgeon specialists, viewing their portfolio or results, and also educating yourself about your particular procedure. You may take this one step further by investigating similar surgeries so you can feel confident that you are making the best choice possible. Another useful tool while conducting research about surgeries is to read other people’s experiences online or meet with them in person. This is a great way to ease your nerves about surgery and see the results for yourself.


If you feel genuinely excited about your upcoming plastic surgery, chances are that you have fantasized about flaunting your new look or how it will change your life. These are both excellent indicators that you are ready to go through with your surgery. When excitement is higher than your fears, it shows that you are hopeful for the outcome and willing to put your nerves at bay to reach your goals.

Prepared for the Healing Process

The final sign to knowing that you are ready to go through with your surgery is that you have adequately prepared for healing and taken care of any things that may disrupt you during this time such as work or home commitments. The healing process is generally short lived, but may require you to take time off from work or other responsibilities. Having help from a spouse or family member is ideal to avoid putting more stress on yourself during this time. Speak with your plastic surgeon to learn about the healing process in order to prepare for it properly.

Getting your dream procedure done can signify a new chapter in your life. If you relate to these signs, chances are that you are ready to schedule your surgery. Don’t hesitate to finally get the look you have always wanted– call 917.338.5516 today to get started!